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React Hooks/Utils done right.

For Browser, SSR, and React Server Components.

React 18 Safe

All hooks and utils are React 18+ Concurrent Rendering resilient. We strictly follow React best practices, e.g. never read and write ref during the render phase (unlike many other open-sourced React Hooks libraries). You can use foxact with <Suspense />, startTransition, <OffScreen /> without worrying about app falling apart.

SSR Friendly

Works perfectly with server-side rendering, incremental static generation, and static site generation.

Supports Next.js (opens in a new tab) (both Pages Directory and App Router), Waku (opens in a new tab), Gatsby (opens in a new tab), Remix (opens in a new tab), and Shopify Hydrogen (opens in a new tab).

Type Safe and Sound

Written in TypeScript. Unlocking strong typing benefits with TypeScript 4.8+.

Super Lightweight

The entire foxact library has zero dependencies and is about 5 KiB gzipped in sum, ensuring a lean and efficient solution. And what's more...

Fully Tree Shakable

Every hook and util is isolated and side-effects free, eliminating unused code and delivering leaner bundles for lightning-fast load times. Feel free to take what you want from foxact without worrying about client bundle size.

foxact © Sukka (opens in a new tab), Released under the MIT (opens in a new tab) License. Authored and maintained by Sukka with help from contributors (list (opens in a new tab)).

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